BioRational products are not comparable to any product in the market. Their proven stability, concentration, viability and purity make them unique. BioRational products are formulations that contain spores of the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana GHA strain. By mass-producing spores of this fungus strain, we created mycoinsectides that allows to safely control a wide spectrum of insect pests. BioRational have been registered for use against a wide variety of soft-bodied insects, in greenhouse and field crops, such as Whiteflies, Thrips, Aphids, Psyllids, Mealybugs, Scarab Beetles, Plant Bugs, Weevils, Lepidoptera and other pests. BioRational formulations are compatible with most insecticides, herbicides and several fungicides. Substances in the formulation of BioRational are listed in EPA List 4A and 4B. Please follow label instructions and review MSDS.


Additional Benefits of BioRational products.

The emulsion protects the active ingredient against adverse conditions such as UV radiation, waters of pH values below 9 and hardness, and other damaging substances. Additionally, environmental conditions such as relative humidity and temperature does not affect product performance. The product does not require refrigeration. The formulation contains additional components that act as enhancers and surface activators to improve penetration and effectiveness. The ionic charge of the formulation allows the active ingredient to reach the place of action by adhering to the insect’s cuticle.


  1. Safe for Workers and the Environment
  2. No Preharvest Interval
  3. Exempt from All Residue Tolerances
  4. Short 4 hour Re-entry Period
  5. IPM Compatible
  6. Compatible with Beneficial Insects
  7. An Ideal Resistance Management Tool
  8. Compatible with Virtually All Insecticides


Our biofungicides are formulations of living organisms that are used to control the activity of plant pathogenic fungi and bacteria. The concept of biofungicides is based upon observations of natural processes where beneficial microorganisms, usually isolated from soil, hinder the activity of plant pathogens. Biocontrol microorganisms are free-living fungi and/or bacteria that are active in root, soil, and foliar environments. These microorganisms produce a wide range of substances, parasitize and compete with other fungi, and induce localized or systemic resistance to a variety of plant pathogens.